2017 Story Starters Contest Winners


Chosen from a very high caliber of written pieces (268 in total submitted), we have 6 winners to announce for our 2017 Story Starters Contest, all chosen by our 2017 Festival of Authors attendees. Many thanks to Story Starters Judge, Canadian author, teacher, poet James Dewar for narrowing a long-list of 41 pieces down to a list of 15 finalists (3 per month from October to February). Congratulations and much success to our winners:

October – Luke Maynard “She hadn’t been back”

November – Beth L. “Caw, caw, caw!”

December – Beth L. “Imagine your inner being…”

January – Brenda Martin “As Dave and Lucie…”

February – tie between Carolyne Topjian “Head in hand” and Wanda Phillips “My pen screams out your names”

A special thank-you again to our awesome artists, Pamela Meacher, Gretel Boose, Cheryl Andrews, Rich Helms, and Barbara Hunt. Your talents are far-reaching.

We know that you join us (*virtually*) to congratulate these fine writers for their talents, bravery and stamina.

Watch for a different take of Story Starters coming in Summer 2017.

Happy Writing!

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