2017 Story Starters Shortlist


It gives us the greatest pleasure to announce that the finalists chosen by our Story Starters Judge, Canadian author, teacher, poet James Dewar (applause!) from the 41 long-listed pieces (submitted between October 1 and February 28) – about 176  entries in all – are the following writers who should be commended for their talents, bravery and stamina:

Kathleen Boyle Hatcher
Brenda Martin
Renee Tavascia
Carolyn Topdjian
Jenny Lamothe
Wanda Phillips
Luke Maynard
Laura Leavens
Herb Ware
Kathryn Crow
James Lumbers
Christine Dela Cruz
Beth L.
Riker Willson
Steve J.

Special thanks again to our awesome artists, Pamela Meacher, Gretel Boose, Cheryl Andrews, Rich Helms and Barbara Hunt. Final voting will take place at the Friday, March 31st evening’s Festival of Authors (not too late to buy your ticket or pay at the door).  Congratulations to our finalists (more applause!) and good luck!

  • […] one of 15 nominated for the Ontario Writers Conference Story Starters contest. http://thewritersconference.com/2017-story-starters-shortlist/ […]

  • I’m excited to be nominated and bought a ticket for Friday. (The receipt reads Saturday April 30/16, but I presume that’s a glitch.) I’m curious: since I was on the long list for three months, am I on the short list for all three? two of three? one of three? If so, which one(s)? … or will I just have to wait? 🙂

    • Cynthia Englert April 2, 2017 at 9:39 am

      Hi, Laura: Congratulations! Sorry for the belated reply- I didn’t see this until after the Festival (hectic week). If you’re shortlisted for more than one, we would list the names of the pieces. It will have to remain a surprise, as I was provided with only the entrants’ names. 🙂 I’m sure you figured out on Friday, which piece it was. Good luck!
      Kind regards, Cynthia Englert-Rattey.

  • I very much enjoyed the Story Starters contests. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend the conference due to a work conflict. However, a colleague from Mississauga who was able to make it really enjoyed it. She found the strawberry cake “yummy”, bought Ann Choi’s book, was also impressed by the novel So Much Love, and “applauded Ted Barris’ interview skills.”

    I look forward to learning who the attendees chose as the winners of the Story Starters contests.

  • Patricia von Holstein-Rathlou April 4, 2017 at 9:04 pm

    Hi Would you please tell me where I can find the list of the winners for 2017?

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