5 Reasons to Support the Ontario Writers’ Conference

5 Reasons to Support the Ontario Writers' Conference


You’ll achieve that warm, fuzzy, feel-good sensation you get when you support a volunteer-based, not-for-profit venture.


You’ll get to enjoy the sound of praise (about yourself or your organization) in a three-minute tribute at an all-participant gathering during the conference (at the Platinum Sponsorship level) or be dazzled by the sight of your logo in promotional materials and on our website (at the Gold, Silver and Bronze levels).


You’ll feel the satisfaction of helping cultivate young writers on their journey to self-realization.


You’ll help focus dollars on a less-centralized area (read: not a big, cosmopolitan city), where arts and culture are equally cherished, yet less well funded.


You’ll be supporting year-round educational opportunities for writers beyond the conference.

Let there be no doubt… we need you in order to make things happen. Whether sponsor, partner or donor (in-kind or with nickels and dimes) we’ll appreciate you just the same. Become a partner or support the cause.

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