A letter from a 2010 OWC Participant

Dear Ontario Writers’ Conference organizers,

This is my first adventure into the writer’s realm in the Durham region. As the day approached, I was becoming quite anxious since I had a Blue Pencil Session booked. I thought this session would answer the question that has been swimming in my head for way too long. Am I a writer?

I met with my mentor and immediately felt at ease because of her warm smile and her soft, kind voice. Before looking at my writing, she asked me a few questions about where I was with my writing experience and I shared that haunting question with her: Am I a writer?

The mentor began to read my heart’s work on a piece of paper. She put her hand on my arm and looked right into my eyes. The words that came out of her mouth have changed my life. “Cheryl, you are definitely a writer!”

I cannot tell you what those few words of positive encouragement have done for me. I followed her suggestion of naming my character and the words have not stopped flowing out of me and onto the paper. I will forever be grateful to her for giving me my dream and my desire to write and making it a reality.

From the first moment I arrived at the conference, I was greeted by so many smiling, friendly people. I came alone, so when I went in and saw so many at the tables, I said a little prayer and asked God to help me choose the right one. The ladies at my table were awesome and two of them will be keeping in touch with me through email.

The sessions it seemed were all fashioned just for me. I got so much out of each one. The lunch and dinner speakers spurred me even further. I intend to be among the group of the last 6 people that will be published!

The readings at the end of the day were something I had never experienced before and I was blown away. Four different ways to express oneself were so exhilarating for me. As each one began, I found myself wrapped up in their words

To say I had a wonderful day is not giving it the words I would really like to use to express my feelings. I thank all those who helped to make this day?a day for a new beginning into my future.

Cheryl McIntrye

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