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A letter from a 2010 OWC Participant

Dear Ontario Writers’ Conference organizers, This is my first adventure into the writer’s realm in the Durham region. As the day approached, I was becoming quite anxious since I had a Blue Pencil Session booked. I thought this session would answer the question that has been swimming in my head for way too long. Am…

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You’d think being on a writers’ conference organizing committee two years running, I’d have an insider’s edge on how to prepare for a blue-pencil session or a myriad of networking opportunities with potential agents, editors and publishers. A head’s up, if you will, to polish my pitch so seamlessly that industry movers and shakers leapfrog…

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“WHITE HOT TRUTH” by Danielle LaPorte

You need to keep your art focused. You need to have a point to your story. If you’re going to get naked, it better be relevant to your mission. TRANSPARENCY AS A TEACHING TOOL 1. Be on the other side of the dark side. Which is to say, be on the light side, the logical,…

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Wayson Choy

If you have been published before, it seems inevitable you will soon mentor someone else’s promising talent. Talent is always promising the world something. How can you resist? In the 1950s, before I was ever published (that’s not counting high school annuals), I found my most demanding mentors in my first writing classes at UBC….

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