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OWC 2015
Impressions from OWC 2015 — Lisa Molinaro

It is the day after the two-day 2015 Ontario Writers’ Conference and I’m . . . exhausted. The high of the last two days (and last few months in preparation) has now passed, and while I feel uplifted and filled up with excitement at all the writing-related possibilities my future might hold, the reality has…

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The OWC Experience: A Student’s Perspective

We just love hearing feedback from the OWC community! Here’s one of our 2014 student attendees, Jessica Webster, sharing her impressions of the day: “A world of words in all their magnificence. The Ontario Writers’ Conference is a gathering of the brilliant and imaginative minds behind the ink and was a privilege to experience. While…

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Registered Yet? OWC Veteran Theresa Dekker Explains Why You Shouldn’t Miss the 2014 Conference

Why OWC Delegates Return Year After Year “Each year I attend the Ontario Writers’ Conference and each year there is something different that reaffirms the choice I made to become part of this wonderful world of writers. The evening before the conference I always enjoy the interesting interviews and selected readings from a panel of…

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Think you’re too young for OWC? Think again!

Thoughts from a 19-year-old attendee: “Walking into the Ontario Writer’s Conference was intimidating at first. At nineteen, I was one of the youngest writers that had attended. Regardless, the feeling quickly faded. I was welcomed and treated with respect, and encouraged by the writer’s community around me. The Blue Pencil Session was my favourite part…

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The Fridge Whisperer Talks Virgins, Knives and the Art of Brunoise

One of the great things about having Chef Deb Rankine sit on the Ontario Writers’ Conference board of directors is that it never gets boring. If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading her daily blog on the Fridge Whisperer,you’re missing out. Here’s a blog post she wrote a few weeks ago while preparing to…

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The Impact of the 2011 Ontario Writers’ Conference Lingers On…

Last year, the Ontario Writers’ Conference presented their Cornerstone Award to The Griffin Trust for excellence in poetry. Internationally acclaimed writer Carolyn Forché was on hand to accept the award and delighted conference participants with a reading.   Patrick Meade was in attendance and remembers it well: “It was quite inspiring to hear Carolyn Forche at…

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Turn One-Two-Three into Publish Me

“What did she say to you?” My friend, Kevin Craig, spotted me leaving a blue pencil session with literary agent Carolyn Forde at the 2010 Ontario Writers’ Conference. Not sure what clued him in. Could it have been the dazed grin on my face? My feet barely grazing the ground? I think he noticed hope blooming. Converting…

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2011 Conference Reaction

An OWC committee member recalls a conversation with a 2011 conference delegate: “The young woman … was over the moon. When she was leaving at the end of the night, she said that she felts the day changed her life. She connected with people and will follow those connections to get more into the writing…

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“WRITING AND COMMUNITY” by Susan Lynn Reynolds

Many years ago, soon after the publication of my first novel, I ran into a serious writer’s block. This wasn’t a small barricade across the road with a few sketchy banditos standing there discouraging me with some rusty artillery. This was a solid concrete barricade that stretched from horizon to horizon barring my way. This…

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A letter from a 2010 OWC Participant

Dear Ontario Writers’ Conference organizers, This is my first adventure into the writer’s realm in the Durham region. As the day approached, I was becoming quite anxious since I had a Blue Pencil Session booked. I thought this session would answer the question that has been swimming in my head for way too long. Am…

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You’d think being on a writers’ conference organizing committee two years running, I’d have an insider’s edge on how to prepare for a blue-pencil session or a myriad of networking opportunities with potential agents, editors and publishers. A head’s up, if you will, to polish my pitch so seamlessly that industry movers and shakers leapfrog…

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Wayson Choy

If you have been published before, it seems inevitable you will soon mentor someone else’s promising talent. Talent is always promising the world something. How can you resist? In the 1950s, before I was ever published (that’s not counting high school annuals), I found my most demanding mentors in my first writing classes at UBC….

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