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Author Robert J. Sawyer and literary agent Hilary McMahon on How to Get Published

In this video from last year’s Ontario Writers’ Conference, best-selling author Robert J. Sawyer gives advice to first-time authors about how to get published. Here, literary agent Hilary McMahon talks about the importance of writers “having a story to tell” and “a powerful way of telling it.” For more Ontario Writers’ Conference videos, visit our…

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The Fridge Whisperer Talks Virgins, Knives and the Art of Brunoise

One of the great things about having Chef Deb Rankine sit on the Ontario Writers’ Conference board of directors is that it never gets boring. If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading her daily blog on the Fridge Whisperer,you’re missing out. Here’s a blog post she wrote a few weeks ago while preparing to…

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