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Barbara Fradkin
Blood Money — Barbara Fradkin

Check out this workshop! Blood Money – Barbara Fradkin   In this lively, interactive, hands-on workshop, participants will learn the elements of successful mysteries and how to make them work, from creating memorable sleuths, villains and victims to weaving in red herrings and clues. The broad spectrum of tastes and styles in crime fiction will…

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Johanna Raisanen
Labour of Love (romance to erotic) – Johanna Raisanen

Check out this Master Class! Labour of Love (romance to erotic) – Johanna Raisanen   Romance is one of the most popular genres in fiction. It outsells almost every other genre, its readers are some of the most digitally savvy and the bestseller lists often have several romance authors on it every week. If you’re…

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Richard Scarsbrook (Photo by D. McMann)
Creative Writing Kick-Start for YA Authors – Richard Scarsbrook

Check out this Master Class! Creative Writing Kick-Start for YA Authors – Richard Scarsbrook   Eliminate writer’s block! Discover new ideas for young adult stories you didn’t even know you had! Transform your own teen experiences, ideas, and feelings into great stories! Using fun, real-time writing cues and prompts, you can leave this workshop with the beginnings to up…

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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

In many ways September does seem like a new year, and to the members of the Ontario Writers’ Conference planning committee this feels like beginning to prepare for Christmas morning. Our very own Christmas morning – May 2nd and 3rd, 2014 – when we get to see the look on your faces – the sparkle…

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**New Workshop Added** Working Between the Lines: The Y/A Editor & Author Relationship

Whether you’re a Young Adult writer pitching a manuscript, an author writing for the Y/A market, or a fiction writer seeking publication, you’ll be interested in this last minute workshop change. I know I am! Once you have an agent who’s submitted your work to the publishing houses or if you’ve been lucky to get…

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