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Guest Post: Anthony De Sa – On Connecting

Please welcome Anthony De Sa to the OWC blogosphere as he provides some inspiring thoughts on how to connect with your work-in-progress at any stage. With my latest novel, Kicking the Sky, the idea of connecting meant different things at various points in the writing process. Let me explain. I’ve had the idea of this…

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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

In many ways September does seem like a new year, and to the members of the Ontario Writers’ Conference planning committee this feels like beginning to prepare for Christmas morning. Our very own Christmas morning – May 2nd and 3rd, 2014 – when we get to see the look on your faces – the sparkle…

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6 Do’s and Don’ts of Twitter Chats

1. Be nice. This is not the place to rant or take your ire out on others. And no foul language. If you disagree with what someone else has tweeted, go right ahead and say so. But keep it professional. 2. Be social, but stick to the topic. There are many other venues where you…

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A Helluva Way Into Your Character’s Head

A few years ago, WCDR member Lucy Brennan and I had the pleasure of attending a much-talked-about workshop that playwright/actor Linda Griffiths conducted for the Playwrights Guild of Canada. It was a head-turner for any writer…of any genre. Griffiths introduced us to a concept she helped create (with mentor Paul Thompson) called collective creation. This…

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QUERY LETTERS: A Conversation with Literary Agent Drea Cohane of the Rights Factory

Barbara Hunt: I recently heard you say that you spend vast amounts of time sifting through the query letters you receive and it’s a disappointment to realize that most writers are leery of drafting said query – and it shows! That said, how important is the query letter in the process of securing an agent or…

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“WRITING AND COMMUNITY” by Susan Lynn Reynolds

Many years ago, soon after the publication of my first novel, I ran into a serious writer’s block. This wasn’t a small barricade across the road with a few sketchy banditos standing there discouraging me with some rusty artillery. This was a solid concrete barricade that stretched from horizon to horizon barring my way. This…

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“WHITE HOT TRUTH” by Danielle LaPorte

You need to keep your art focused. You need to have a point to your story. If you’re going to get naked, it better be relevant to your mission. TRANSPARENCY AS A TEACHING TOOL 1. Be on the other side of the dark side. Which is to say, be on the light side, the logical,…

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Wayson Choy

If you have been published before, it seems inevitable you will soon mentor someone else’s promising talent. Talent is always promising the world something. How can you resist? In the 1950s, before I was ever published (that’s not counting high school annuals), I found my most demanding mentors in my first writing classes at UBC….

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