Registered Yet? OWC Veteran Theresa Dekker Explains Why You Shouldn’t Miss the 2014 Conference

Why OWC Delegates Return Year After Year

“Each year I attend the Ontario Writers’ Conference and each year there is something different that reaffirms the choice I made to become part of this wonderful world of writers. The evening before the conference I always enjoy the interesting interviews and selected readings from a panel of well known authors. I find the insight and experiences of those who have already made the journey I’m on both valuable and informative.









The full day conference brings me the opportunity to attend workshops, listen to industry speakers, and mingle with published authors as well as other writers. At every conference I’ve gained knowledge and been inspired by the people I’ve met. For me, sharing my passion with a community of enthusiastic writers is what makes the day a not-to-be-missed experience.”
~ Theresa Dekker

Only a few days before 2014 registration closes! Click here to reserve your seat!

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