**New Workshop Added** Working Between the Lines: The Y/A Editor & Author Relationship

Whether you’re a Young Adult writer pitching a manuscript, an author writing for the Y/A market, or a fiction writer seeking publication, you’ll be interested in this last minute workshop change. I know I am!

Once you have an agent who’s submitted your work to the publishing houses or if you’ve been lucky to get your work accepted ‘over the transom’ so-to-speak, then prepare yourself for meeting your editor. This may be the most important relationship of your life (aside from spouse and offspring, of course). Wouldn’t it be helpful to know what that entails?

In her workshop “Working Between the Lines,” Lynne Missen, publishing director of Penguin Canada Young Readers (its Children and Young Adult program) will spend 90 minutes sharing her expertise and war stories (along with a guest author). Lynne has been an editor for over 20 years. Prior to joining Penguin Canada in 2011, she was executive editor of children’s books at Harper Collins Canada. Boy, has she got stories!

Don’t miss the incredible opportunity to learn more about this vital relationship, the Y/A sector and the often-perilous publishing process. Interactive exercises and discussions will give you food for thought and wisdom to apply to your own work.

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