Ontario Writers’ Conference Presents: Chat with an Agent

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Ever wished your could ask writerly questions of an experienced literary agent? Now you can! The Ontario Writers’ Conference is delighted to welcome agent Stacey Donaghy of Corvisiero Literary Agency for a Twitter chat.

Stacey Donaghy headshotDATE: Wednesday, February 27, 2013

TIME: 8-9pm

PLACE: Twitter (via the comfort of your own chair)

WHO: Agent Stacey Donaghy, Corvisiero Literary Agency

This is a great opportunity to ask any questions you have about the world of agents.

Join the conversation by using the hashtag: #OWCagentchat


OK, what’s a Twitter chat?

A Twitter chat is a conversation on Twitter that centres on one topic. This allows those interested to follow the discussion and participate if they wish. A member of the OWC will moderate the discussion, keeping it on topic and making sure people don’t get too rowdy.

How to get on Twitter

If you’re already on Twitter, simply sign in. If you’re new to Twitter, just go to www.twitter.com, enter your name, email and password, and you’re in!

How to participate in #OWCAgentChat

The first step is to find it! Go Twitter’s search bar at the top of your screen, (the grey oval with the magnifying glass), and enter the following: #OWCagentchat. This is the hashtag. Then just watch the chat unfold.

What’s a hashtag?

A hashtag is a way of identifying the topic of your tweets. For the chat, everyone places the same hashtag at the end of all their tweets, and this sorts all the relevant tweets on one page.

Now what?

If you’re not sure what to say right away, you can start off just reading. The tweets you read will be from the agent, an OWC moderator, and anyone asking questions.

Can I tweet too?

Absolutely! Tweet any questions you have for Stacey. Comment on what someone else tweeted or retweet someone else’s question or response.

How do I tweet?

Click on the blue logo at the top with the feather in the box. Then type your comment or question inside the box that opens up. You’ll see the number below the box go down as you use up your allotted number of characters (max 140). Don’t forget to leave enough room for the hashtag (13 including the number sign). Then click “Tweet” and you’ll see your tweet added to the page.

How do I share cool tweets?

If you’d like to share something another person posted in the chat, you can retweet it so that your followers can read it too. Just hover over the comment you want to share and click Retweet.

Tweet ya later!

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