OWC Story Starters 2018 Finalists!



It gives us the greatest pleasure to announce that the finalists chosen by our Story Starters Judge, Canadian author, teacher, poet James Dewar (applause!) from the 27 long-listed pieces (submitted between October 1st and February 28th) – about 180 entries in all – are the following writers who should be commended for their talents, bravery and stamina:


Beth L.

Michelle Dinnick (2)

Denise Kemp

James Lumbers

Jan Wood

Wendy Barrick Rhead

Brenda Martin

Kevin Craig

Karen L. Brown

Janet Trull

Ruth E. Walker

Bernadette van Duyvendyk

Elsie Bee

Jennifer Marx


Special thanks again to our awesome artists, John Reuben of Moose Factory, ON; Jean Pierre Schoss of Uxbridge, ON; James Mishibinijima of Manitoulan Island, ON; Vivian Tserotas of London, ON and Anja Bungay of Oshawa, ON. Final voting will take place at the Friday, April 6th evening’s Festival of Authors (not too late to buy your ticket on our website or pay at the door).


Congratulations to our finalists (more applause!) and good luck!

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