2015 Story Starter Winners Announced!

Story Starters

Congratulations to our winners!


Chosen from a very high caliber of written pieces (175 in total submitted), we have 4 winners to announce for our 2015 Story Starters Contest, all chosen by our attendees over the past 2 days. Many thanks to Story Starters Judge, Canadian author, teacher, poet James Dewar for narrowing a long-list of 27 pieces down to 3 per month.


Congratulations and much success to our winners:


September: Alexandra Kasatkina

Story Starters Contest September 2014

Strangers tinted with daring shades of independence,
All devoured by the idea of transcendence.

They parade the Earth oblivious to the words etched into their actions,
They don’t have enough time to delve into their own stories; there are too many distractions.

Personalities blurred by vibrant hues,
They conceal their deep-rooted blues.

All blowing bubbles, hoping they will rise into the chromatic air,
Praying that their despairs will join the bubbles and create a perfect pair.

They will continue to live in their picturesque state of mind,
It really is a shame that they are all color blind.
October Story Starter

October: V.M. Sawh

The waves carry him onto a beach as black as midnight. He stumbles forward and collapses faced down in the sand. He feels the ocean pull at the precious ground beneath him, and wonders if this is heaven. Did one exist for captains who flee their sinking submarines? He thinks of the men, clawing like the tide at his back as his hands push open the hatch. He crawls up the shore and casts one final thought about the bomb. Then the air around him goes white. Sands illuminate. A single plant casts its last shadow. Its leaves stand together.



November: Diane Ferguson

November Story Starter


Blue Water

Her gaze drifted out to sea, caught by the sailboats that bobbed and swayed on the gently rising swells. She felt herself expand, stretching out past the horizon. Anything is possible when you are the deep, blue sea. You can visit distant lands, swim with dolphins, freeze and be the bridge beneath the polar bears’ feet, or spend lazy days in the Caribbean. Oh, to be blue. She felt the pulse of life in her match the roll of the waves, her eyes closed with her imaginings, feeling the liquidity of her body, all that water inside.




December: John Matsui

December Story Starter - Christine KimCONFUSION:
“Hey Shel?”
“Uh . . . Hullo?”
“Shel. It’s me Nanc.”
“What time is it?”
“Almost 5:30.”
“In the morning?”
“I just needed to talk to you.”
“Okay, I’m still pissed but go ahead, shoot.”
“What was in that hair straightener you gave to me?”
“Hair straightener?”
“Stuff you poured into the green bottle.”
“Oh, that. If you buy the hype, the package says enchanted castle dust, witching well water.”
“And you let me drink it?”
“Drink it? You rub it into your hair!”
“You told me to drink it.”
“No, I said let your hair drink it.”

A special thank-you again to our awesome artists, Lorette Luzajic, Joe Cebek, Joanna Malcolm and Christine Kim.


We know that you join us (virtually) to congratulate these fine writers for their talents, bravery and stamina. Watch for fresh Story Starters come September.


Happy Writing!

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