The OWC Experience: A Student’s Perspective

OWC Attendee Jess Webster

OWC Attendee Jess Webster

We just love hearing feedback from the OWC community!

Here’s one of our 2014 student attendees, Jessica Webster, sharing her impressions of the day:

“A world of words in all their magnificence. The Ontario Writers’ Conference is a gathering of the brilliant and imaginative minds behind the ink and was a privilege to experience. While I was at the Ontario Writers’ Conference, I had the pleasure of meeting several writers all with varying experience and interest in genres. To hear them speak of their passion towards writing and what motivates them to write was quite exciting.

While I explored the display table with several novels, tutorials and journals, I was inspired to see so many other individuals present at the conference raving over the variety of books available on bettering one’s ability to write in different genres. There were books on screenplay, writing novels and poetry and everyone who I saw and spoke with described each genre presented as its own art. Hearing others speak with such passion helped me to broaden my understanding of the complexity within each writing style and the beauty that each one held to its identity.

“In addition to speaking with the writers at the conference, I also learned a great deal from them as I sat through the lectures. In my particular experience at the lecture “Overcoming Writer’s Insecurities”, I learned that insecurity towards writing is something which almost all writers experience. The instructor was very knowledgeable in her presentation and spoke in a way which helped me a great deal and from the response of the class afterword, it appeared that she helped everyone present as well.

I also attended the class ‘Plot as a Verb’ and learned the science and mathematics behind building a good story. During the lecture, the instructor had the class help her build a story to use as an example for her class. This was a wonderful experience as I got to see for the first time what it is like to create a story with several people and how each has their own inspirations, creativity and opinions which, collaboratively, create an excellent piece.

In the final class, ‘Obsessive-Compulsive Writing Disorder: How to Turn Obsessions into Books,’ I heard my first poetry reading by a very talented poet who brought her words to life as she spoke.

“In between the wonderful lectures, I had the pleasure of hearing various published authors speak about their experience in writing and their works. Hearing them speak about their passions and their interests and how the combine to work into their pieces was quite extraordinary. I never thought that writers could use so many of their inspirations, life experiences and hobbies in their pieces. After having heard the very talented authors talk about their work, I began to better understand how each writer can use such elements in their craft.

“Overall the Ontario Writers’ Conference was an amazing experience for a student writer such as myself. I learned so many things about the craft and the people behind it. I met a great deal of wonderful and talented people and left with a smile on my face from learning and experiencing writing as a community.”

Thanks, Jessica! We were so glad you could join us, and can’t wait to see your name in print!

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