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Festival of AuthorsClearly, We Have No Boundaries… 

If you are familiar with the ONTARIO WRITERS’ CONFERENCE and its history over the past decade, you’ll know that we endeavour to support writers and writing communities with connection, education and inspiration.

And this summer’s partnership with the Cree Council and writing community of Moose Factory/Moosonee was just another aspect of our outreach around the province. After all, we are the ONTARIO WRITERS’ CONFERENCE. 




    Ontario Writers' Conference  

Having held many conferences over a decade for upwards of 325 writers in southern Ontario has given us the chops to take what we do on the road. Should you, your community, or your writing comrades want to partner with us, bring an opportunity to your area, and/or wish to inspire creativity then please reach out to us.

We’re here to listen, discuss and co-create. We offer opportunities such as:

  • special version of our Story Starters Contest, hosted at our website
  • bring published Canadian authors and writing instructors to you
  • partnering to package the ‘conference experience’
  • assist in organizing local reading events in a “coffee house” atmosphere
  • supply information, connection, inspiration

Interested? Email us at info@thewritersconference.com

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